Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Does the word backlog mean anything to you? If you are a librarian it has a special meaning. Backlog refers to the books waiting to be cataloged. This is our backlog at our elementary school.

Thanks to a couple of awesome volunteers it has shrunk dramatically in the last couple of months. I thought of this when I read Joyce Valenza's post, 2011: The year to be fierce. One of the directives is to delegate and one of the tasks I need to delegate is cataloging. If there is a choice between being in the classroom or sitting at my desk, the classroom will win every time. That means that books are going to sit on the cart.

I am so lucky to have smart, enthusiastic, detail-oriented volunteers to download our bibliographic records and do the hands-on processing. It makes a tremendous difference.


  1. I let my associate help with the cataloging this year too! I also had some 7th grade girls who were bored in study hall help me out every day. They were great at putting on stickers and taping things down! I love to do things by myself, but I'm getting better at letting people help me with things that shouldn't be taking up all of my time!

  2. I'm old school, so it is sometimes hard to give up traditional tasks (like assigning Dewey Decimal numbers). But I am trying to do it!