Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am a proud graduate of the GWAEA Technology Integration Mentorship program (now called the C21 Learning Institute). As a grad, I've had the opportunity to refresh my skills at least once a year with my peers. It has been incredible.

Today I reconnected with one of my TIMP alumni, Beth S, who is now a teacher librarian and met another great TL, Michelle W who I have followed through our regional listserv. The seats at our table were filled out with two wonderful teachers from my own district.

It was an awesome day, partly because of the attendees, but also because of the day's main speaker, Punya Mishra, professor of Educational Pyschology & Educational Technology at the College of Education at Michigan State University. He challenged us all to think about the intersection of technology, pedagogy and content: TPACK. 

What a great presentation. He was irreverent, funny and self-deprecating. He listened to the audience and gave us fun activities to illustrate his points. I will definitely be plugging in to his blog and looking for more information about TPACK!


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