Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Laptop - Check
Amplifying speaker - Check
Microphone - Check
Projector - Check
Ethernet connection - Check
Power - Check
Wireless mouse - Check
3rd and 4th grade classes waiting patiently - Check

Everything was ready for our Skype session today with Shannon Miller's students in Van Meter.

What did I forget? I forgot to turn off the airport so that the ethernet would give us a great strong connection. The spinning surfball appeared and the meltdown started. Everything on the laptop froze up. Skype crashed. A hard restart was required. When the reboot was complete, the sound was missing. 

We gave up and used our local iChat application. The 3rd grade class members read their limericks to the 4th grade class and it was actually really nice.

We'll connect with Shannon Miller soon!

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