Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today was Day 2 of the 21st Century Learning Institute for this year's participants and any alumni having completed three years. As usual, it was a great day and I learned so much.

Our icebreaker listed about 20 television shows and we were instructed to find someone we didn't know and tell them why a certain show represented our experience with technology. My choice was "Cheers" because my network of colleagues and friends have made such a difference in how I approach my job. They cheer me on, give support and most of all - challenge me to stretch.

The morning was dedicated to activities designed to reinforce our understanding of the TPACK framework of using technology. The team at our table had less than two hours to create a commercial convincing teachers to use T-Pack.

It's kinda of corny, but it was fun working with my teammates. We were conscientious about copyright issues and even tried an online video editor that was brand new to us.

The photo above is a screen shot taken from a PhotoBooth movie I made during a session I took in the afternoon on online video and audio editors. These were tools that I had heard of, but had never taken the time to explore.

Being part of the Technology Integration Mentorship Program and now, the 21st Century Learning Institute has made a huge difference to me in my professional life. I am so grateful for the opportunity.

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