Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have been enjoying the Animoto timelines done by Lakeview 4A students last week.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran across this video: 

A Quick Glance at History - 100 Years in 100 Seconds

 I sent the link out to the Social Studies teachers grade 4 - 12.

One of the 4th grade instructors came to me with an idea. What if her students used Animoto and our student friendly iClipArt for Schools to create their own timelines as a reflection of the history they had learned this year? That process went well. The instructor was impressed with the connections that the students made and how they linked events to metaphorical images. They even had to think carefully about chronological order.

The next step was loading the videos into a VoiceThread. With VoiceThread, the students could comment on each other's interpretation of history. 

This teacher really gets it. What a joy it is to work with her.

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