Thursday, December 15, 2011


Tomorrow is "Command Find" day at SCSD. 


Recently, I ran across a great infographic called "Get More Out of Google". It contained an amazing and slightly unnerving statistic that 90% of internet users are not familiar with the "find on page" shortcut. 

Shortly after, I ran across an article on GOOD,  "Why don't we teach kids how to use CTRL +F?" .
I mentioned this to the school's Director of Instruction and together we came up with a plan for "Command Find" day.

We rolled out the idea at staff meetings - demonstrating the shortcut with the draft of our new Social Media Policy. More than 10% already knew how to use Command Find, but several staff members were really appreciative of the new information.

To help with demonstrations, I created a short video tutorial, tailored specifically for our staff.

Then this afternoon, after most staff had left for the day, I posted small signs 

all over each of our three buildings and left labels in the staff lounges. 
An all-staff email encouraged everyone to share Command Find with students and colleagues.

Will we turn that stat around tomorrow? I hope we come close!

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