Friday, December 30, 2011


Getting in some reading during break. I loved the introduction to this book:

"But something happened in middle school - a perfect alignment of parental support and benign neglecg. The parental "support" came from keeping me stocked in Beverly Cleary, John Bellairs, The Great Brain books, and Daniel Pinkwater. Also Bridge to Terbithia, The Pushcart War, How to Eat Fried Worms - and the parallel-universe, one-two mind-crack of The Bully of Barkham Street and A Dog on Barkham Street.
And then there was the blessed, benign neglect."

You'll have to borrow or buy the book to read the rest, but just think of the twisted comedy of Patton Oswalt and the titles he reads as a kid won't surprise you.

My favorite essay starts with this question:  "Are you a Zombie, a Spaceship, or a Wasteland"? (Think Star Wars, Night of the Living Dead and The Road Warrior)

Thank you to @ivus2370 for the literary gift!

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