Sunday, January 8, 2012


When I read Joyce Valenza's post "Transparency is the New Fierce" in SLJ, I knew that  this image from a presentation I did for the Iowa Library Association in October, "PD in Your PJs" was going to be in this post.

Organizing and maximizing the use of blogs via RSS readers was one of the main topics of my presentation, but I had to throw in a screen shot from a Doug Johnson post because it had special meaning to me. First of all, because it was a great post, but also because - it haunted me.

In the RSS reader I use on my iPad, posts that have been viewed go away, but not this post.  For weeks, it held on. Every time I opened up my "school libraries" folder, there it was reminding me "Kathy, be transparent! Tell your story. Show the staff and students what you are doing!" 

It finally did disappear, (maybe when I updated the app?) but after that I always think of Doug's post and every day, I strive to be both fierce and transparent!

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