Friday, February 24, 2012


I'm taking on blogger Kelly Butcher's challenge to:  Create a post each Friday that highlights your favorites of the week. 

Favorites of Pinterest, of course.

By far, my favorite was not a pin, but just seeing that YA author Cheryl Rainfield was following several of my boards.

I dont' spend a lot of time scrolling through Pinterest boards looking through stuff to repin. More typically, I find something via blog reading or Twitter that matches the boards I have constructed.

A few of this weeks faves:

  • I love this unbalanced study space. I could see middle schoolers really loving the goofiness of it, like something out Alice in Wonderland.
  • My "Books Reimagined" board is the most fun to work on. This afternoon, I was talking to one of the students in the high school media center about it and she showed me this butterfly pin (and a couple others) on her board. Pinterest is so HOT among female high school students. I see it everywhere. I definitely plan to have some sort of Pinterest contest during Teen Tech Week!
  • I also collect infographics, so an infographic on internet addiction is the perfect metaphor.

I have also been following tech discussions on the Pinterest phenomena in general and the service's relationship to copyright specifically, as in this article: "The genius of Pinterest's copyright dodge".

Kelly, Thanks for creating "this just pinned..." Love it.


  1. Thank you for playing! I have the "pin it" button on my toolbar so it is super easy to pin things I find. In December when I get an iPhone I could be in trouble! ALWAYS pinning!

  2. Part of me LOVES that unbalanced study space. And the other part of me gets a little seasick looking at it. ;]