Friday, March 23, 2012


This is a bonus, with more than one photo. It was kind of an amazing day, but really like so many others - crazy, wonderful and inspiring. It started with lots of positive comments about yesterday's article in the Press Citizen and I had the chance to make a "senior picture" joke. (The article identified my age). The drawing for free movie tickets for a girl and boy tribute was right after first bell. Shari and I tried our best to copy Katniss' tribute style.
While I was at SMS, I noticed this perfectly funky bouquet of duct tape flowers, handmade by Shari's daughter, Katie. I clicked a pic and posted it to Pinterest.

Before I left SMS, I mentioned to Shari that I wanted to post to the #holdshelf blog at 100 Scope Notes and she sent me this pic via email later on in the day.

After working with 3rd graders taking virtual field trips using GoogleEarth at 9 am, I met with a parent doing research for a leadership project with a local educational software company. She was impressed with the amount of technology we have integrated into our curriculum.

I checked in to the high school during the lunch hour and did some planning with the Revisit Iowa teacher about a project partnering with the local historical society, using GoogleMaps and primary source photographs to document the history of buildings in Solon.

I was back at SMS/Central Office at 1 pm to meet with my supervisor, @mctownsley. We are co-presenting at the 1:1 Institute in mid-April on the role of the Teacher Librarian in a technology rich school. We are using the Google presentation feature to do a mock up of our slides.

When I got back to Lakeview, I found students designing stores using Google SketchUp, which they had been introduced to just minutes before. It was mind-blowing. 

Before I left for the week, I helped a teacher set up the Mimio interactive whiteboard unit so it will be ready for Monday morning and sent a list of videos from Learn 360 to a kindergarten teacher doing a circus unit.

Now - "The Hunger Games" this weekend!

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