Monday, April 23, 2012


Several months ago I read about a really neat event - World Book Night.

"World Book Night is a celebration of reading and books which will see tens of thousands of people share books with others in their communities across America to spread the joy and love of reading on April 23."

I immediately thought of a dear friend who is passionate about reading, has stretched her literary limits and believes in the power of the written word - Jeanne Hanes, retired second grade teacher from Lakeview. 

She didn't jump on board right away. It took some prodding and coaxing to convince her that she was the perfect person to share her love of books and of course, it was up to her to decide who the recipients might be. 

Part of the process was writing an essay for a competitive selection process and Jeanne thought long and hard about her own words. She must have been convincing, because today she was an official distributor of WBN books. 

Who were the lucky people who received a new, special edition copy of the THE BOOK THIEF? None other than 20 of her former second grade students, now freshmen at Solon High School. 

Jeanne was warm, articulate and even, to my surprise, a little shy when presenting the group with their own copies. "Give it 100 pages and if you don't like it, pass it on" she suggested. The students seemed truly impressed and grateful to be in her hand-picked group and like Jeanne, we hope that they might start their own spontaneous discussions, about life, death, war and the love of books.

Thank you Jeanne for being a spokeperson for World Book Night.

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  1. Great book! Many thanks to Jeanne and you, Kathy, for making this possible!