Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Over 9 years ago when I walked into the middle school media center for the first time, there were about 4,000 sad, old books and a torn map taped to the wall. Today, we have almost 8,000 books, of which about 75% have been added since 2003.

We have more books, but the same amount of space, so it is time to weed. As it is, we only have regular seating for 12 students (though we often have more than 20 adolescent bodies in the room), so additional shelving isn't an option.

When I left this early this evening, I had pulled over 400 books needing to be marked withdrawn and boxed up.

It felt good to free up some space for the new books we'll be getting next year, but it was sad too. Many of the books I selected for the discard pile were like old friends, familiar from libraries I've worked at throughout my career. But I had to let go of my sentimentality and nostalgia. This isn't my library, it belongs to the kids.

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