Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Sometimes I can feel a little lonely as the solo librarian in the district. It isn't that I am isolated or don't talk to colleagues, not at all. It is just that no one else speaks the lingo quite the same - weeding, MARC, info literacy, e-books, import/export, collaboration, common core, transliteracy...

How fun it was to spend a late afternoon on the patio at the Kirkwood Event Center sharing stories with IASL president and friend, Becky Johnson, Teacher Librarian at Jefferson High School in Cedar Rapids. She might think what she does is obvious and ordinary, but oh my, it is amazing!

She was such a good sport to let me snap her photo. I loved her Edward Gorey t-shirt and the graphic on the front of her planning notebook.

If you are feeling isolated, call a compatriot and arrange for a casual, no agenda meet up. 
It can really be energizing.

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  1. Such good advice! It's esy to forget the simple ways we network are often the most effective!