Thursday, June 7, 2012


For several months, I subscribed to a service called Twistory, which placed my Twitter links in my Google calendar. It was awesome, but I really didn't use it enough to justify the cost (although it was minimal). Before I hit the cancel button, I was able to export all my tweets into an Excel spreadsheet.

When I saw all 5,000 messages lined up in a neat column, I thought, "this is perfect for Wordle graphic".

About this same time, I downloaded a new Chrome app called WeVideo, that lets you collaborate with other GoogleDoc users, saving your work in Google Drive. It is an online video editor that is super simple to use but fairly sophisticated (at least for me). 

I created several Wordle images, saving them as screenshots and uploading them to WeVideo. I used their intro clip, their transitions and their music to make a 24 second video that I then uploaded to YouTube (embedded above).

Not surprisingly, #tlchat, #iowatl, @shannonmmiller, @mrschureads and soloncsd are well represented in the Wordle images!

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