Wednesday, July 18, 2012


(photo courtesy of a very special reader)

I started following @erniec (Ernie Cox) on Twitter after seeing his profile in list of Library Journal "Movers and Shakers" in 2010 . I quickly recognized a smart, articulate and passionate voice for students and teachers. But I never expected that he would leave North Carolina and become a close colleague working in a nearby school district.

I sometimes describe Ernie to other people as "scary smart" - but in a good way! He really inspires me to push myself into new learning. During the last few months of this past school year, we carved precious time out of our crazy schedules to Skype once a week. Sometimes we had a planned topic to discuss, like PLCs, working with the Common Core, or bookstore shelving (@librarian_tiff joined us for that discussion), but other times, we just gave each other needed pep talks! 

This morning Ernie (and his 3rd grade photographer) spent the morning in Solon, touring our media centers and sharing ideas for the next school year (maybe even a middle school "guys read" group between our students using Edmodo) and talking about everything from assessment to advocacy. It was the perfect segue into my next school year, which starts August 1st. 

Without Twitter, I would have never made this amazing connection. Thank you PLN!

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