Sunday, July 22, 2012


I was at a social function the other night when some folks started talking about Twitter. My husband prompted, "How many followers do you have?" I told them (a little over 1,600) and they asked, "What do you tweet about?" And when I told them "well, libraries and education" the discussion moved on. I should have made it sound more exciting, because it is a big deal for me!

Most people who only know about Twitter from the news or other social media think it is all about celebrities or banal things like what you have for lunch.

I use Twitter almost exclusively for learning and sharing and the hashtags I am currently following illustrate that. They change constantly.

#soloncsd - official tweets from our school district
SCSD colleagues by scsdmedia (not a hashtag, but a list I maintain of SCSD staff with a Twitter account)

Top Ten by SMGHogan - another list. Patrick Hogan from the Gazette has maintained this list for a couple of years. I don't know what will happen to it as he is leaving soon to go to grad school. He has been a great reporter for the Education beat and I will miss him.

IowaEd by scsdmedia - folks I have identified in the Iowa Ed community. @mctownsley maintains a much more comprehensive list (in fact it is now 2 lists because it got so large)

Iowa librarians by scsdmedia - another list I set up. It needs to be updated and pruned

#levelupbc - this is a gaming in school libraries group (started by @jenniferlagarde and @matthewwinner) reading and learning together this summer. I didn't think I could commit to being a member, but I am following their discussions. 

#summereading - this is a fun hashtag for anyone, not just librarians. Lots of teens posting here to complain about summer reading assignments!

#mp21st - this hashtag was really active in late June when Mid-Prairie hosted several days of workshops, one of them with @shannonmmiller . My wonderful colleague @betswan is still using it and I've gotten lots of great resources from her

#yalitchat - I just added this one to my TweetDeck. It is a very active tag

#titletalk - Same with this one. I glance at it occasionally but definitely do not catch all the postings

#engchat - I love seeing the perspective of Language Arts teachers. Once in awhile when I have something relevant, I will include the hashtag and share with that group

#sschat - Same with this group, which is farther down the list on my screenshot. Some really sharp Social Studies folks out there!

#storyappchat - lots of resources for digital storytelling apps

#thewonderofwonder - This was primarily for a Twitter book discussion earlier this month, but it has continued to be active as new people discover the book and new resources are shared out

#theoneandonlyivan - same with this hashtag

#4productivity - I think this came from a workshop from some other conference that I didn't attend (I haven't attended any conferences this summer in person) but the hashtag is still be used and I monitor it

#ninjaprogram - I heard about the Ninja Program for Google Apps through a conference I was following earlier in the summer (no idea which one!) and I have registered for it. I plan to use it with my middle school tech club. I would never have know about this without Twitter!

Activity:scsdmedia - this isn't a list or hashtag. It is a constantly updated feed of what is happening with my followers and the accounts I follow. It isn't their tweets, but who they have decided to follow. It is never static

#BLC12 - This conference is wrapping up, so activity will probably die down soon, but I have gotten some fantastic resources here, including a crowd sourced document of tips, tools and techniques. I LOVE this idea and want to to try to do it at our next IASL conference in April.

#wonderschools - This is for schools using Wonder as a read-aloud. I'd like to do that with 5th grade.

#Linclnt - I don't even know what this stands for, but my colleague @iliketoast42 is using it, so I added it to my TweetDeck!

#GLRead12 - Global Read Aloud project for The One and Only Ivan

#blc100 - The hashtag used to create the  tips, tools and techniques document cited above. I will probably remove that soon.

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  1. Exellent post - you do such a great job explaining and making it all transparent! Thanks for your wonderful example for the rest of us!!