Friday, October 12, 2012


Chris Harris opened the Thursday sessions with a passionate call to action, threading the conference theme of "we are all in this together" throughout his presentation.

A standing room only crowd listened raptly as Chris tried to help make sense of the "messy" world of e-content. 

This was the view from the main table at lunch, one unfamiliar to me.

Colleague and IASL member Cheryl Carruthers is running for the ILA executive board. Vote for her!

Chris gave his 4th ILA presentation in the afternoon, speaking with animation about his favorite topic, board games. I'm sold. I'll be buying some for my media centers and talking to teachers about their value.

Bob Anderson, Director of the Raptor Research Project, shared his commitment to conservation and education. The Decorah Eagle cam nearly brought our network to its knees last spring. Thousands of people around the world are addicted to it.

All smiles from IASL president, Becky Johnson and IASL board member, Carol Van Hook at the end of the day.

My super roommate and colleague, Becky.

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