Thursday, October 25, 2012


My morning started with a lively discussion about PLNs with one of our Lakeview teachers. We were sharing stories, facts and ideas back and forth so fast that we were worn out within a few minutes. She is taking a class with Bob Munson and is really excited about what she is learning. The consensus seems to be that Twitter is one of the most powerful tools, but that it can take over your life!

It had been a couple weeks since I made the "bookmobile" rounds out the high school, so I loaded up the cart and hit the freshmen seminars. Checkout was light, but it is always fun to connect with the students and teachers and I did collect some overdue books and process some renewals.

The day was topped off with a trip to Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City to hear author, Justin Cronin read from his new book, THE TWELVE and to answer questions from the audience. His last sentence of the Q & A was, "I was happy here" (when asked why his books frequently feature Iowa).

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