Thursday, April 25, 2013


It was an amazing experience from start to finish, to be a part of the SLJ Be The Change webcast, organized and moderated by @shannonmmiller.

A lot happens behind the scenes before the recording starts. Exchanging ideas. Gathering images. Putting slides and questions in sequence. Practicing. Text messages. Tweets. Pounding pulse.

It was really an honor to be on the same panel as @patricklarkin , Mark Ray, the Librarian Provocateur and of course, my superintendent, @sammiller29 
The transitions went pretty smoothly and it was a great discussion. I had other things to think about (like what I was going to say), but I was taking notes for myself.

It was fun to respond to some of the Twitter chat when I got home. I started following a bunch of new folks. I love looking at their blogs and links.

My PLN continues to be at the center of my own professional growth and it is entirely responsible for opportunities like the one I had with the SLJ Webcast. Which is really pretty amazing.

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