Wednesday, June 19, 2013


At Grant Wood AEA for last day of class "Integrating the Iowa AEA Online Resources Into Your Classroom".

I use the databases regularly, but I still picked up some tips. The first four days of class were virtual, using Adobe Connect webinar software and I set up in the high school library where a high school math teacher worked along with me. I enjoyed that opportunity as much as the course itself. On Friday, all the participants gathered to learn about the GWAEA online catalog and to work on their final projects. Most of the attendees admitted to being amazed by the vast wealth of resources available through Iowa AEA Online and Grant Wood AEA. Char Haddy, current (and soon to be retired) director of the GWAEA Media Center gave a little plug to the report I put together comparing local school districts and their usage of the databases.

Given that there are so many great resources, it isn't surprising that getting the word out to everyone is a challenge. I tend to operate on the "just in time" model, providing students and teachers with the resources at time of need rather than overwhelming them with a plethora of resources they might never use and might forget about anyway.

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