Thursday, July 18, 2013


The Executive Board of the Iowa Association of School Librarians will be having their annual retreat this Sunday and Monday and as the chair, I will be giving my report on conference planning and professional development.

I have been very curious about the demographics of our attendees and our membership (which overlap, but not 100%) and I have also wanted to teach myself some of the more advanced capabilities of Google Maps and familiarize myself with the newest version.

I requested the spreadsheets from our parent organization and was frustrated by the data entry. Due to the construction of the form, there was no consistency on address entry. Some entries included home address (which I did not use) and some included the institution address. For those lacking the addresses, I did a manual lookup and I had to do a lot of cleanup of institutional addresses to get Google Maps to recognize them.

I uploaded the attendee data using the spreadsheets, breaking them into 2 sections because of Google Maps 100 entry limit. Then, I realized there was also a limit of 3 spreadsheet uploads, so I just entered all the members manually.

I've worked on this more than I should and am still not totally happy with the results, but I did learn a lot and will be able to assist teachers that are interested in creating data maps. It is a very powerful tool.

It is also very interesting to look at it on Google Earth. Here is the KML file:

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