Sunday, August 18, 2013


At the IASL conference last April, Ernie Cox and I started brainstorming on how we could bring professional development to our members throughout the year and keep the energy going after an inspiring two days of connecting with colleagues. 

Enter Google Hangouts On Air.

But how should we start? 

The #iowatl Twitter hashtage gave me an idea. I had seen Sandi Ellis from Dallas Center Grimes Middle School sharing many great posts about both the Iowa Children's Choice Awards and the Goldfinch Awards. I contacted her to see if she would be interested in putting together a hangout. She didn't hesitate! She was in.

Then I emailed Shalar Brown, the committee chair, from Rivermont Collegiate. She was happy to put together an introduction and history of the ICCA program.

Ernie, Sandi and I started sharing program ideas on a Google presentation 
and we all met last Sunday afternoon to practice. Over the next few days, I researched the ins and outs of GHOA and scheduled our on air time for today.

There were a couple bumps (I started the intro before the recording started), and I was obviously reading from my script when it would have been much better if I was more spontaneous, but overall, thanks to the panelists, it turned out well, for our first time. The presentation is open now for crowdsourcing ideas. Our team just got the ball rolling. 

Now that I've figured out (mostly) how to run a hangout, it's time to get the next one planned and scheduled. Ideally, we'd like to do one for each of the other 3 award programs: The Goldfinch, the Iowa Teen Award and the Iowa High School Book Award. 

After that, with such a creative and smart membership, the possibilities are endless.

(Ernie is going to write up a post for the IASL blog - check it out this week). 

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