Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Super fun morning with over 20 SMS Tech Club kids. We used abcya.com/animate.htm 

We had only 30 minutes for students to login, read the instructions, watch a tutorial, create an animation, share it with me and pack up to go.

Later on, I introduced Lakeview 4th graders to the Iowa Children's Choice Awards. I showed them the list on Destiny Quest,

our ICCA page, with the Google Docs form they will use to track their reading by classroom, a link to the TeachingBooks.net resources and the Prezi presentation with the ICCA links and videos. I showed them the GHOST DOG SECRETS and read the first 2 pages of the book. I think all 5 copies got checked out soon after.

After addressing an AV emergency, I went to the high school and unpacked my goodies: homemade salsa, letter shaped cookies, pretzels and black raspberries, for our first READz bookclub of the year. It was so much fun! We have big plans for the year, including Star Wars Reading day and Teen Read Week. I'm meeting with one of the members tomorrow and we are setting up a READz blog!

It was a super day. It made me think of my hero, Jennifer LaGarde, who posted a wonderful graphic yesterday on Facebook.

And today as I worked with students and teachers in each of our three buildings, I still felt this way:

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