Sunday, September 8, 2013


I was really looking forward to three sessions with Mr Gustin's Language Arts 12 to get them signed up with EasyBib and oriented to some of the great sources I had gathered for them on a pathfinder.

Unfortunately, block one was an

Starting at 8:20, I had 40 minutes before I was scheduled to be in another building and it took 10 minutes to locate the properly booked mobile laptop cart.

My network connection was abysmal, so I switched to Mr Gustin's laptop, which was of course, set up for his personal use and wasn't generic like a student computer. The network connection seemed intermittent. Students finally got logged in to GoogleDocs, but many of them had connectivity issues. Most of them finally were able to log into EasyBib, but by then the clock was ticking down.

I skipped over to the pathfinder to show them OneSearch, but I got an error message. I thought maybe I had put in a bad link, but I learned later in the day that the site was down. 

Everyone was cool about the tech difficulties and I have rescheduled that particular session for Monday.

Blocks 2 and 4 met in the Media Center and they went swimmingly, with attentive students, questions and no tech issues. A great way to end the week!

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