Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I started the morning in Mr Kopecky's Current Events class showcasing some tools for creating infographics. I'll be partnering with Andrea Fleming November 13 to do a similar session for the Iowa Tech Chicks meeting.

I borrowed the idea of a "New and Improved" Digital Citizenship Survival Kit from Craig Badura. 3rd and 4th graders have had fun learning about how to be safe and kind online. I love this poster "Everything you put on the internet will reflect on YOU" (their artifact was a mirror).

During Seminar B, the Media Center hosted the first meeting of #solonstrong - a group of students promoting positive school spirit.

At the same time, I was Skyping with 3 students from Mid-Prairie Middle School to talk about redesigning their school library. The chat was organized by Math teacher, Elsie Spilman. 

I did an emergency download of a book to one of our Nooks for an instructor.

And had a great conversation with my College Community SD colleague about a range of subjects: professional development (he alerted me to tricider for planning...), cataloging skills as a graduate level course (an anachronism?), tracking and purchasing books in series, IASL planning and more. 

Of course, lots of stuff happened in between during this busy day. But not everything has an accompanying image. There will always be another day.

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