Saturday, November 30, 2013


Today I'm sharing an email from @mctownsley (with his permission!). A great reminder of the discovery tools and access we have at our fingertips! Matt Townsley is a great role model for our staff for maximizing them. Love our online databases. 

Here's a story I thought you might enjoy...

Cool thing #1:
A month ago or so, I subscribed to a "standards-based grading" google scholar alert.  Tonight, I found out a new dissertation has been written on the topic.  This is the second or third I've found through the alert.
Cool thing #2:
After skimming the dissertation from #1, I started thinking to myself, "I wonder if there are other SBG dissertations or articles I've missed that were posted previously on Google Scholar" so I decided to do some searching.  I came across an article from the Journal of Family and Consumer Science from earlier in 2013.  I hadn't read or heard of this article, so I did some Google-ing to see if I could find it.  Lots of pay walls, no luck.  As a last resort, I thought, "I wonder if Ebscohost might have it?"  Sure enough...Ebsco had a full pdf.  I downloaded it and plan to read it after pressing "Send" on this email...I had to email you this story first!
My sbg-related literature list keeps growing.  Thankful to live in 2013, an era in which information is at our fingertips!

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