Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Today @mrschureads mentioned that his blog, "Watch. Connect. Read." is having a "birthday" soon. And he made a reference to a Twitter exchange we had in 2010.

 I signed up for a Twitter account in April 2009 and Mr Schumacher was one of the first teacher librarians I started to follow. For many months, I was a lurker, just taking in the constant stream of great ideas, but slowly I started retweeting, sharing links and reporting out on what was going on in my own libraries.  This particular evening, I was wondering how to curate videos to play in a loop and I threw the question out to @mrschureads. In the end, I figured it out by myself, but I found out later that the discussion served as a serendipitous tipping point that led John to embark on a blogging project he'd been contemplating for some time.

It was a win/win for both of us. He went on to create an outrageously useful and popular book trailer blog and I started making playlists of videos on YouTube that we now use in all three of my libraries. We even received some positive media coverage

The big message here though is that my PLN is powerful. I can't imagine my professional life without Twitter, RSS, Tumblr, Google+ and the many other tools I use to communicate, share and learn. 

Thanks @mrschureads!

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