Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Term 2.
Gearing up again for Science Fair in Biology classes.
@dmpeachy has finessed this Google Site template to near perfection, so I try to be available to help the students work through the first steps of setup. They'll be adept in no time, but sometimes things go a little more smoothly when there is a second GAFE veteran in the classroom. And @dmpeachy and I work well together, emphasizing important steps and checking student progress.

They use the template, create the site, share with @dmpeachy and then create documents and spreadsheets to embed within the site. They will also use the site for their research notes, bibliography and images. All the work directed towards completion of their science fair project will be funneled into the site container.

@dmpeachy will be using Edmodo as a classroom management system, guaranteeing that students in both sections will be receiving consistent direction and information. 

I'll be back in the classroom tomorrow to help students set up their EasyBib accounts and to review search strategies using our online databases and Google advanced search.

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