Tuesday, January 7, 2014


After we received the notice that school was being cancelled due to severe cold, I sent this message out to all teachers:

Kathy Kaldenberg <kkaldenberg@solon.k12.ia.us>
Jan 5 (2 days ago)
to LakeviewMiddleHigh
Have you heard about Google Hangouts? They are kind of like Skype, but using your Google account and you can get multiple people into the samehangout.
Here is a little information if you aren't sure what I'm talking about...

I will start a hangout on the hour beginning at 10 am and go until 3 pm.
If you are interested, pick a time.

Once I get your response, I will send additional information and tips.

You will need to have your Google account open at the time the Hangout starts.

I'm hoping to get some fun groups going. We can just experiment with Hangout, or we can talk tech or books!

In any case, just stay warm and safe!

I had one taker!
I spent a fun half hour talking to Travis and Janelle about tech support for parents, U of Iowa sports and of course - the weather!

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