Friday, April 11, 2014


A day like the one at the 1:1 conference reminds me why I love my job. It was such an honor to present at the conference with these fabulous colleagues, Jan Johnson and Maria Schroeder, fourth grade teachers at Lakeview Elementary. 

They rocked it. Even without internet connectivity!

Other shout outs to 

@shanewheel and Mike Parkinson from Lynville-Sully on their inspiring Minecraft presentation

Chad Frerichs, who watched while Google spreadsheets updated AS he tried valiantly to demonstrate scripts


to Erin McConnell and Michelle Murray from North Scott on 

Proactive Plans for Teacher Librarians

 in a 1:1 Rollout

And just as valuable, the great conversations with colleagues on the way up to and back from DesMoines!

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