Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I mention Twitter quite often, but I'm not sure I really effectively convey how important this tool is to me and how many times a day it provides something meaningful and helpful to my practice.

This week, I am using online catalog bingo with 3rd grade students. They are loving it and it is a fabulously fun way to experience our online catalog while learning how it works. Where did I get this idea?  Twitter.

Last week I tweeted about our Skype session with the Yellowstone Park Ranger and I heard from @campreadsmore

That tweet and her follow led me to her library web page, where I found this delightful video,

which I shared with the first grade teachers. Within minutes, I got an email from one of them saying "I want to do this" which was quickly followed by a couple other teachers saying the same thing. Now we are trying to arrange a time to plan on how to make it happen.

Kelly Spector, @campreadsmore also tweeted out one of my all time favorite videos. The longer I am active on social media, the more true it is: what is obvious to you is amazing to others.


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  1. Twitter is truly a powerful tool! Thank you for inspiring me to use Twitter! It has connected me with so many amazing people, like you! :)