Sunday, May 11, 2014


I was honored to be invited to Dr Jean Donham's retirement party at the Ned Ashton House. I'm sure every single person in attendance felt they had an extra special connection with Jean and I was one of them.

Just over 11 years ago, I interviewed for a position at Cornell College, where Jean was the library director. In preparation, I read her articles and got her books on interlibrary loan. I was impressed and intimidated. I didn't end up being offered the job at Cornell and I accepted a position at Solon CSD, but that connection led to a wonderful professional friendship with this library leader that I consider a mentor and primary influence during my time as a school librarian. 

When she was recognized at the IASL spring conference, the standing ovation went on for minutes. Bravo Jean!

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  1. Kathy, Thank you for your kind words and for joining in the celebration. I have been so lucky to know you and many wonderful professionals in our field. You have inspired many others--including me--in your leadership in Solon and beyond!