Tuesday, May 20, 2014


 Today was the last tech club of the school year and definitely the most fun, according to the members! We have several types of robot devices on loan from GWAEA and they loved learning how they worked and programming them to go around corners, roll up ramps and just wander around the library.

Since we started Tech Club in November 2010, students have signed in over 1,200 times! (And that is a low number because many times they forget to do it).

A few weeks ago, I noticed a posting on one of my Skype groups, "The Global Classroom" calling for video clips from schools around the world with students dancing to Pharrell's song, "Happy". We already had clips from our own "Happy" project being planned by 4th graders in the Extended Learning Program, so I sent a 60 second compilation to @LParesi and two of our classrooms are featured in the video below!

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