Friday, May 9, 2014


4th graders are in Week 3 of putting together their poetry enhanced podcasts. 

Step 1 - Pick out poem and learn how to sign in to the school's server. The server used to be the only choice for saving files, but with GAFE, most artifacts and files are uploaded to their accounts.  Understanding how the server works and why it is an option is an important skill.

Step 2 - Select a minimum of 5 images from Iowa AEA Online's iClipArt for Schools, download to the desktop and upload to the server. This is an opportunity to talk about copyright and royalty free images and also about why image size matters. Huge jpgs won't work in an enhanced podcast.

Step 3 - Locate QuickTime Player using Spotlight. Open the New Audio Recording widget, record the poem and save it to the server. Download an music clip from Iowa AEA's Soundzabound and upload to the server. Again, a chance to talk about copyright friendly content.

Next week, they will put all of the elements together in GarageBand, export to Quicktime and upload to my Lakeview dropbox. I'll then upload the files to the poetry blog. We are developing quite an archive.

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