Saturday, June 14, 2014


I had the best time working with (next year's) 5th grade students from the Before and After School Program who volunteered to help with a couple of library projects. I gave them simple instructions and they worked out their own processes to maximize efficiencies. I even overheard one team discussing supply and demand! (They read and did projects with Gary Paulsen's Lawnboy at the end of the school year). In the photo above a pair of students are applying color coded transparent labels to spine labels for our genrefication project.

Here is another pair of students applying labels while I work with an enthusiastic property stamp remover. As part of the genrefication project, I have weeded the collection and we are donating most of the books to the Antelope Lending Library.

Our volunteers were fascinated by the "old books", especially the once ubiquitous and now rare, rebound books. I asked if they would check out a book that looked like this. They answered in a resounding "NO"! Like it or not, these media consumers do judge a book by its cover.

And then were were the just weird books. 
They liked reading the titles as they sorted through...

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