Wednesday, June 25, 2014


App #2 

Most of my apps are free or free for a day through the Appsgonefree app.
This one applies attractive "labels".

I have most of these apps on my iPhone and I use the PhotoSync app to transfer them to my MacBookPro. (I did pay for this one. I use it all the time). 

I could do my photo blog posts right from my phone using the Blogger app, but I prefer the larger screen.

BTW, #summerREADselfie is a Twitter hashtag that is being used right now to share summer reads.

Another Blogger thing and oddly enough, a label thing too.

I was not very consistent about applying labels when I first started the blog and as a result, it is sometimes hard to find specific entries. The blog labels are on the right side of the blog page and I use them all the time, especially for linking to in Twitter posts. Maybe I'll go through the posts some day and revise the labels, but probably not. Actually, the Google search is pretty effective at finding my lost posts.

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