Friday, June 27, 2014


The Antelope Lending Library bookmobile arrived Thursday afternoon to pick up our donation.

Students from the Before and After School Program pitched in to move the 1,000+ books from the Lakeview media center to the bookmobile. Most of them had never seen a bookmobile before!

Braedon and Cassi of the Antelope Lending Library were excited to get the books and we were so happy to have them going to support a wonderful cause.

Those unfamiliar with library management might wonder why we had books leaving our school libraries (the middle school contributed as well). The fact is that we have a static amount of space and are adding curriculum supportive and updated books all year long. 

99% of the books we donated had not been checked out in more than six years and the chances of them becoming popular again were slim. This partnership is a beautiful way for these books to get a second chance.

Thanks again to these great volunteers!

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