Friday, June 27, 2014


Today I finally visited the new Cedar Rapids Public Library. 
WHY WHY WHY did I wait so long?
What a gorgeous facility!

My first impression came from their signage. Well designed. Professional looking. Crisp and friendly. That theme was echoed throughout the entire building. 
(No 8x11" printouts using Times New Roman or Comic Sans!)

I was greeted by the YA librarian who gave me a short tour, pointing me to the various areas in the building. She advised me to visit the roof first, as rain seemed imminent.

I thought to myself, I have to come up here and read sometime. The views were beautiful and the rain was holding off but I was the only one up there. It would be a great place for a reception.

Look at this signage! Simple but so descriptive, with a look coordinated around the building.

There was a large variety of seating and so many windows, with a flood of natural light.

The curved shelving and round shapes of the lighting and seating gave the library a feeling of developing organically around the needs of the patrons.

I even loved the understated "end panel" markers. What was on them? Just the Dewey Decimal number that started the range. Clean and beautiful.

Everything was bright and clean. There were no ratty, yellowing books with crinkly, old mylar covers. Even the classics were represented with gorgeous new editions.

The YA section was quiet and dimly lit. Teens sat reading 

or playing games at the long counter of desktop computers.

Their creativity was on display here on the huge blackboard.

I was very glad to see this sign in the YA section!

I was surprised and delighted to see an "un-conference room".

This would be a perfect place for a July tweetup!

The entrance to the children's department. (There is an opening to the left - you don't have to go through the tunnel!)

If you have the chance to visit the Cedar Rapids Public Library this summer, do not pass it up!

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