Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Mrs B and I met with the architects on Monday and reviewed their drawings. The media center/library in the new middle school is going to be amazing, the heart of the school. Lots of windows, a variety of spaces and seating, a "genius bar",  bookstore display shelving, mobile shelving, a presentation space, a conference room for collaboration.

When we first started talking, after the bond issued passed, I share this slide show with them. They "got it".

I've been working with 6th grade science students for 2 weeks. On Tuesday, I couldn't be there, so I did a 6 minute video and shared it with the two teachers I'm working with. They showed it to their classes. In it, I reviewed what we have done and what it coming up. I also encouraged them to work over break and contact me via email if they needed help.

I couldn't work with 6th graders because I met with 6 sections of 8th grade history/language arts students to prep them for their research projects on Revolutionary War figures. They LOVED using Kahoot to kick off the class. 

At the end of the day, we recorded this week's Lakeview Elementary News. Students from 4E highlighted how they used the Floors app from PixelPress to illustrate their research on explorers.

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