Sunday, March 29, 2015


What is is like to "suit up" in a hot zone?

Turn up the heat and do some jumping jacks to bring up your heart rate.

Dr Dan Fulton from the University of Iowa Hospitals is a fellow in Internal Medicine Infectious Diseases. He spoke to the Anatomy and Physiology class about ebola.

Now, how do you take off your gloves and masks without contaminating yourself or someone else?

Watch a video of the presentation here.

I have been listening to the @NewTechCity podcast for about a year and recently they had an excellent series on teens and tech. I tweeted about it and guess what happened? Someone from the show contacted me. They were looking for a school that had used their survey. I had shared the information with a couple staff members at the middle school, but we hadn't done organized anything yet. I directed her to my colleague, @shannonmmiller who now consults with schools all over the country. 

In the meantime, another Twitter user suggested that maybe our two schools could collaborate.

We're working on it!

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